Hello. my name is Jen. i am the square root of evil. The square root of evil is not any more evil than you are, btw. I make music on my computer. sometimes i use controllers too. Now that i have my midi cable to sync things up you may even see my gameboy. my music has been described as quirky, breakcore, 8 bit, glitch, and more. i just like to make semi-fast songs with dumb melodies. hopefully you will enjoy them. either way, feel free to contact me via

April 9, 2012 - Communikey 2012

It’s true! I’m playing a show in Colorado on Apr 26 as part of the fantastic Communikey Festival, and needless to say I am beyond stoked. Expect to hear all sorts of beeps and bloops from me, mostly my own, but I might also squeeze a few other people in there too. It’s gonna rule. And I’m gonna have a lot of fun. <3

November 22, 2011 - Well that was awesome

HiHiHi!!!! My set last night was so fun, got lots of cheers so I was pretty happy. Have to admit I was ridiculously nervous about this one, I am a pretty large fan of Plaid so it was TRES intimidating. But once it got going and I saw bodies moving, it became one of my fav shows ever. And it’s very nice to have some of your musical idols say they like your stuff. 😉 So yeah, that was quite awesome. And loved chatting with some new people, thanks so much for your compliments. <3

MOAR MUSIC to be made!

Here is a review. 🙂

November 7, 2011 - PLAID

I am opening for Plaid on Nov 21!!!!!! HI AM SO EXCITED! And nervous, but more excited. I have 1 new song but will try to make another one in time. Now onto practicing! and practicing! and practicing! and practicing! and practicing! and practicing! and practicing! and practicing! and practicing! HOLYCRAP.

May 16, 2011 - I <3 the local scene

i played a show on sat at the zoo zhop. AND IT WAS AWESOME. great crowd, and great people to play with!!!!

March 1, 2011 - Utopia!!!

Utopia Flyer- March 5 at W2

i am playing this saturday…saturday…saturday as part of the Utopia festival at W2 in Vancouver. this is gonna be an absolutely amazing day, so many superrad people are playing, and they all happen to be women! i am pretty stoked for Isis Salam and Tanya Tagaq, Peaches is gonna slay and i can’t wait to hear Blontron’s set!

Blondtron and i will also be doing an Ableton workshop at 5:15, so come on by and watch me be hella nervous. making people dance is easy, talking to a bunch of strangers is intimidating, but i am one who rises to challenges. 🙂

it’s pretty much an all day affair, although most of the shows will be after 10. go to their site for tickets. stoked stoked stoked!!!!!!!!!

i’m gonna bring the oooontz (and the bleeps- also, some squelch) so please put on your dancing shoes. mine are silver and glittery, btw.

January 15, 2011 - wicked awesome

show in LA at the smell was awesome fun, so great to see lot of strangers dance!! and captain ahab were great, again. and also good at knowing about places to eat down there 😛

show in vancouver last night was SO GOOD, i had a ton of fun and loved all the cheering out there. many thanks to dylan for putting the show on, and everyone else who played was AWESOME.

now no shows lined up, so I WILL MAKE NEW STUFF.


November 22, 2010 - oh hai internets

so…… played a hardware set again last night as part of “anything cute”, and it was awesome. we are so going to do that more often. drums machines, polysynths and xox boxes, oh my!

i have a show on dec 11 that is going to be SUPER. breakcore crazy!!!!!!


July 5, 2010 - internet hearts

both shows made my heart explode.

june 18’s show was amazing, the crowd was super cool, full of lots of friends and a few new faces. due to time constraints, i didn’t get to play my whole set as the square root, but i did have a lot of fun playing the hardware set with something pretty, and hope to do that again sometime soon. my truncated laptop set was full of all the crazy fast ones though, so that was fun. 😀

the show on the 3rd, at sequential circus, was also incredible. i was a bit nervous about being on last, cause crowds tend to disperse before then, but i was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people around, and totally stoked when they were all dancing like crazy! lots even kept up when i ramped up to my 180bpm songs! 😉 tons of people came up and chatted to me during and after my set, i seriously really appreciate when people tell me they like it, cause it’s hard to tell when bright lights are in your face sometimes. there will be an audio recording surfacing sometime soon, and some video too! the other acts were really awesome, noodly melodies from wesley dysart, crazy bangers from jonnay, and a very fantastic set from dark arps. i unfortunately missed the others, but heard very good things. thanks so so so much to the peeps who put on the show, it’s so great to have support in this city.

internet hearts!!! <3<3<3<3

June 15, 2010 - muuuutek and more

that was so much fun! fun to see friends from all over the place, fun to see artists i love dearly, fun to hear panel discussions and interviews, fun to dance till the wee wee hours, and extra fun to play for some dancing mutek people! it was an awesome show, one of my best ever!!!!

i have 2 shows in vancouver coming up, the first one in on june 18 at the Zhoo Zhop, this is going to be a lot of fun, I know all the other artists involved and they’re all super rad. I am going to even play with “Something Pretty” before my SROE set using (gasp) hardware!

And on July 3rd I am playing at Open Studios with a massive slew of REALLY talented Vancouver people. Come support the scene! There will be something for everyone style wise. 🙂

May 26, 2010 - holy crap

so…….i’m playing mutek on june 4th!!! that’s fubar. i’m really excited to play in la belle province. i’m even cracking out the controllers!!!! 😉 it will be super fun, playing with old skool internet friends citifono. please come by if you can, it’s freeeeeeeee!!!

and july 3rd in vancouver, i’ll be at open studios for the 7th installment of sequential circus. i promise to make you, yes you, dance. if not, i’ll buy you a beer.

eeek! yay! eeek! yay!

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