Hello. my name is Jen. i am the square root of evil. The square root of evil is not any more evil than you are, btw. I make music on my computer. sometimes i use controllers too. Now that i have my midi cable to sync things up you may even see my gameboy. my music has been described as quirky, breakcore, 8 bit, glitch, and more. i just like to make semi-fast songs with dumb melodies. hopefully you will enjoy them. either way, feel free to contact me via

March 1, 2011 - Utopia!!!

Utopia Flyer- March 5 at W2

i am playing this saturday…saturday…saturday as part of the Utopia festival at W2 in Vancouver. this is gonna be an absolutely amazing day, so many superrad people are playing, and they all happen to be women! i am pretty stoked for Isis Salam and Tanya Tagaq, Peaches is gonna slay and i can’t wait to hear Blontron’s set!

Blondtron and i will also be doing an Ableton workshop at 5:15, so come on by and watch me be hella nervous. making people dance is easy, talking to a bunch of strangers is intimidating, but i am one who rises to challenges. 🙂

it’s pretty much an all day affair, although most of the shows will be after 10. go to their site for tickets. stoked stoked stoked!!!!!!!!!

i’m gonna bring the oooontz (and the bleeps- also, some squelch) so please put on your dancing shoes. mine are silver and glittery, btw.


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