Hello. my name is Jen. i am the square root of evil. The square root of evil is not any more evil than you are, btw. I make music on my computer. sometimes i use controllers too. Now that i have my midi cable to sync things up you may even see my gameboy. my music has been described as quirky, breakcore, 8 bit, glitch, and more. i just like to make semi-fast songs with dumb melodies. hopefully you will enjoy them. either way, feel free to contact me via

February 9, 2006 - Archived

I’ve archived the old news- if you want to read it all…. (there’s lots)

23-12-2005 I put a video of my Christmas set (well not so much a video- more my visuals and a recording of the set). It is here . 🙂 Took part in the Peppermill Records 30 Day project- so far the music has been really cool and I’m interested to hear them all strung together when it’s all done. Fastest song I’ve ever made, that’s fo sho. AND- I have a show at the Lamplighter on Dec 28 with Skeeter and a whole bunch of my favourite Vancouver music peeps. Should be hard, fast and fun. I’m way stoked.

12-12-2005 The laptop battle championships were REALLY fun! Alas, in two rounds- 1) I lost to the overall champ (Philly’s Starkey – check his totally rad music) and then Humdinger beat me (AGAIN DAMMIT- but Ryan is my friend so I didn’t mind). It was very nice though to hear all the people who didn’t agree with the judges on that one ;). Thanks too to all those awesome people who came up to me after with nice words. Don’t worry, I’ll be back next year with even phatter beats (although my dance moves will never be as good as Starkey’s- despite of all that ballet I did as a kid). It was cool to meet all the other competitors- some amazing music was played and I was very honoured to be a part of it all. Props to Fourthcity !

So- that thing that happened last summer THAT IS REALLY COOL is still happening- I got some news on it, and hopefully it will go down in the spring or summer.

No shows lined up for a little while (last week’s news was premature I think) which is good cause I need to make some new songs. But I always like to play shows so feel free to get in touch if you are putting one on during a weekend and within an 6 hour drive- or you feel like paying for airfare ;). And it’s looking more and more like I’ll be in Japan in Feb and I’m working on getting a show or 2 in Tokyo while I’m there. RAD. I say that a lot. Oh well. I’m gonna post pics of the 3 shows in 3 weeks that just happpened- but I need to change that page up so it will take a week or so.

05-12-2005 The Christmas show was really fun, I enjoyed taking all those carols and making them into something enjoyable. It’s amazing what some drums and video game samples and bit reducing can do. 🙂 Thanks to all those who were there- it was so dark I couldn’t see anyone and was very surprised by how much clapping there was after I was done. Awesome. My visuals were incredible- serious props to my old man- Jon at Pixelwrangler. I am going to play the set again and actually record it this time and then we will put the sound and picture together and on the internet machine somewhere. Now onto the last of my three shows in three weeks. It’s laptop battle time again! Gonna be representing in Seattle this Fri night . Very nervous and very excited. Competition looks pretty rad, but I plan to fight to the death. There may be another show with your truly on the 17th. There may even be 2 shows with your truly on the 17th. Am I crazy? Maybe.When things are known, I will post them.

27-11-2005 Well, that was THE MOST FUN SHOW EVER. So many people were dancing! You made me so happpppppppy! I met so many rad people too. AWESOME.Winning was rad, Secret Mommy’s set was insanely good, and his new record is amazing. All around, it was just super.THE MOST FUN EVER.

Next Saturday I have my Christmas show. I am getting some pretty darn fly visuals made for it- be ready for weirdness. And lots of drums, of course.

20-11-2005 My first full length is out! *LOOK!* Woooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo! It’s a net release so you can go and grab all the songs and beautiful cover art made by Samarah . I picked the name cause I am a SETI nerd. My next show is in one week! I’m very excited, I just hope my computer can handle what I plan to do…….. I am going to dress up as a soccer player, which is easy, cause I am.

09-11-2005 I just found out that an interview I did awhile back was played on CBC Radio3 a couple of weeks ago! And they were kind enough to send me an mp3, and I put it here . Let me just say, I am not particularly eloquent.And “geekmusic ” refers to my net radio/ show promotion thingie.

No new songs yet due to me obsessing over my live set and all that laptop battling. But I am happy to say I have an EP coming out on Belladonna. It should be out in 1 week. Awesome!

26-10-2005 Oh Oh Oh! I was a flake and did not realize that the finalists from the laptop battle BOTH get to go to Seattle and compete in the finals on Dec 9th! Yikes! Must have to do with how close we are. I’ve been checking out my competition from all over the States- gonna have to pull out some phat beats for this one. Flyer for the show in Nov-

20-10-2005 Holy crap! Somehow I came in 2nd place in the laptop battle! It was exteremly fun and I’m super stoked for Humdinger (the champ)! I drank just enough to actually kind of move around onstage, and next year I will have enough songs to compete proper-like instead of making my last one in the back room- so watch out! I am playing at the Butchershop on Nov 26 with Secret Mommy. Way rad. And then the Christmas show on Dec 3 at Video In. Jungle Christmas songs! Woohoo!

My ep will be out very soon, I just need to get a nice picture and bio to them. I hate writing bios.

04-10-2005 OK! I am participating in the laptop battle at Sonar on Oct 19, although as of yet I have no idea what I am going to do and this is of concern. It will also be what I do all of the long weekend. I have a job that does not allow for making music while there, unfortunatley. Oh well. I have 2 things coming out hopefully this month- one is an interview and a few songs on a webzine out of NewYork (doing a Skype interview was weird and fun), and the other is a little ep on a wicked netlabel. I will post the details when they are up. I made a new song, but I’m not sure if it is done enough to put up on the internet machine. We shall see.

04-08-2005 Yay! A show on Aug 19 at Soma (Main & Broadway). Details are in the live section. I am currently fully changing up my live set so hopefully it all works and stuff. Of course it will, right? And then on Sept 4 I will be playing some ambient stuff as X41 at Video In. Yuriko from BLIM is putting on one final show since BLIM was shut down last month.The theme is sadness, the show is called “MiseryLovesCompany III: farewell to Blim”. It’s free! So come! And then I MIGHT participate in the laptop battle, even though they are many more people in this city with far madder skillz than I.

There is still something REALLY COOL going on, but I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, as they say.

06-07-2005 Wasn’t much to write cause there wasn’t much gwan on. But I appear to have a show in the last weekend of Aug (details will be posted when they are confirmed) and something REALLY COOL has happened that I will talk about when I know more. But it’s REALLY COOL. I’ve been learning new tricks and stuff so my live shows are going to get quite the revamp. But still no antics. 🙂 I also may have a show in Oregon in the fall. I hope so- I haven’t been to Portland since I was 15, and I think we only stopped at the Fred Meyer.

17-02-2005 One quick thing to add- a short & sweet interview with Hand Stitched Heart has just gone up. That’s all.

14-02-2005 Happy Hallmark Holiday! The trip was very fun, the gig in Edinburgh went VERY well. People liked it and I sold CDs for the first time ever (fortunately it was also the first time I ever had any to sell). The other folks on the bill were STELLAR- go click the links below por favor. Speaking of which, I went to Barcelona after Scotland- nice place. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood I highly recommend it. I was offered 3 gigs in London! This is very exciting for me! But one was while I was in Spain and the other 2 were for after I was back home. 🙁 C’est truly dommage. Next time. London was fun. It always is. I have a music addiction so I have been there many times. But now I am starting to realize that although the music scene is awesome, there is not a whole lot else there for me. I like mountains and oceans too. Edinburgh was good for that. Although the mountains aren’t as good as here if you like snowboarding as much as I do. Hmmm. Digression hey? I was on the radio on ResonanceFM , it went very well (2 of the 3 gig requests were a result of it) and I know from some emails that people were listening. So thanks people! 🙂

I now have CDs and stickers. If you live in Vancouver I will sell them at my shows, if you live elsewhere email me and I will tell you how much for shipping. They will be $4.50, and the stickers will be $0.50. This is my attempt to be a marketing genious.

Oh yeah, and I am going to redo my site soon. Unless someone who is far more web-savvy than me offers to do it for free or very cheap. That would be nice. Now I am going to send some demos to some labels. But then again, I’ve been saying that for awhile. It’s scary, you know?

14-01-2005 Whoa! I have gig in Edinburgh on Jan 27th with w/ Unknown Forces, Monty , Acrnym , Grnr & Ohhh!!!. I am rather excited! Still working on a London gig, and maybe even a bit on the radio.Wowee zowee I say. It also looks like there may be a show on Feb 18th after I get back. I have added a live section to make these things more clear.Also, I am currently getting some tracks mastered to make a little CD to sell at my shows (and through this site). Plus some buttons and stickers and maybe some shirts if I ever get around to taking that silkscreening class. 😉

05-01-2005 Happy New Year! The Books on Tape show went well (for me) but poor Todd had some serious tech diffficulties. In spite of it all he put on a wicked show (without his sample library- HARDCORE!). Coin Gutter were very good, and Flat Grey did a pretty wicked improv noise set while everyone was trying to sort of the BOT problem. It was a very eclectic evening fo sho. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to those who asked for merch- a) *you made me very happy*, and b) i will get some soon, I swear.

Next up, I am doing a remix for Gltch Btch , I am going to the UK at the end of this month and trying to book some shows (so if anyone can help email me), and I am trying to get a demo together. And if I get a demo together I will also have CD’s to sell at future shows. Wooooo! Plus I am making new songs, there is one I have been working on forever that I want to wrap up soon.

29-11-2004 I will be playing with Books on Tape and Coin Gutter on December 16th at the Lamplighter . Books on Tape is chawesome. I will play my Christmas song. It’s fast.

03-11-2004 Today is my birthday! Holy feck, Captain Ahab is my new hero. Atole was off the hook. That was my fav show so far. Merci beaucoup to those who came by. hoTTT topless men abounded. 😉 Played with NTSC & my good rad buddy, si-cut.db on Oct 28. Keep tuned to www.ntscrecordings.com for updates of their first release (with 2 songs by yours truly). Nov 12- KICK ASS

29-07-2004 Thanks to everyone who came last night. That crowd was awesome, and sheet the sound system at Atlantis makes things xtra sweet. Wow. I had a LOT of fun.

27-07-2004 Another show coming up (July 28- um…. tomorrow) at VOID . teamRAD will be in full effect. Whatever I mean by that….and another show on Aug 22nd w/ me, Broken Sleep , Vincent Parker , Spark , Zapan , Atole & Captain Ahab (presented by fourthcity )! Whew! And I nerdblogged that last show too. 🙂 Also, I’m doing a couple of remixes for the NTSC comp, an AMBIENT (WTF?) song for kikapu , and then onto more remixes. Plus I have made some new songs, maybe I will post an mp3 of a set one of these days.


31-05-2004 That went really well- if you are so inclined to read more about it- here is my official nerdblog on the whole matter.


19-04-2004 Here I am! Been busy- doing remixes, practicing for my first live set and so on. “We Bore 2 ” was reviewed in both XLR8R and Grooves this month and my track got props! w00t! Got a nice new Powerbook! Battled and lost in a laptop battle (pics )! Possible show in May! New songs…. well, I do have some prior engagements to work on, so new stuff is still on the backburner. Although I do have a track that I made for the battle that is almost acceptable for upload. Hmmmmmmm…….

As you may have heard- 8 bit recordings got shut down for participating in Grey Tuesday . I think that sucks, cause it was a great site for tons of music.

25-11-2003 Aight- new song up. Remixes in the works for now. Keep checking back- developments may occur at any time…. 🙂

“I Hate Him Even More Now” was played on Digital:Nimbus last month. w00t! Check out their site and show for tons of great music!

20-10-2003 Apologies for the downtime- fiascos (not Chris’ fault) ensued. I’ve been rescued by John and his site PanicNow . I HIGHLY recommend him if you need any webspace. 🙂 I have a new song, “The 700 Year Old Hotel” that will be up next week. I’ve just got to master it- stay tuned!

06-10-2003 “I Hate Him Even More Now” is on the Toast & Jam records comp “We Bore 2 “. The comp is based on people taking songs they hate and making them more tolerable. I can’t wait to hear the other tracks…. Jansky Noise for one has me rather intrigued 🙂 In other news- I’ve got 3 songs that are 90% done so there will be a new release very soon.

21-06-2003 Hmmm… Well- I’ve put up a Telefon Tel Aviv remix for the contest at Funkungforum . Also- I submitted “I Hate Him Even More Now” to a comp awhile back- just got word that they would like to include it! :). I’ll post the details when they are official.

27-05-2003 Switched servers (thanks Chris!). Both “May the Dud be With You” and “nanoFantasy” have been released on 8 bit recordings . Go over there and check out this London based label. Lots of nifty folks there with much good music to get.

14-05-2003 This fancy new site goes up. Well, fancy for me- the person who usually uses Netscape to make webpages…. “Toast” is on the input/output comp “Cross Country”. There are many songs on this comp that are totally good, so you should support this small and adventurous label by grabbing one. That is all.


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