Hello. my name is Jen. i am the square root of evil. The square root of evil is not any more evil than you are, btw. I make music on my computer. sometimes i use controllers too. Now that i have my midi cable to sync things up you may even see my gameboy. my music has been described as quirky, breakcore, 8 bit, glitch, and more. i just like to make semi-fast songs with dumb melodies. hopefully you will enjoy them. either way, feel free to contact me via

January 18, 2010 - first show in a year!!!

this ain’t your mommy’s or daddy’s dubstep.

this is bigger, fatter, stronger, looser, harsher…

Zebra Pulse (Edmonton) bring you loosey goosey dumpstep noize. tapes and noise electronics clash with prepared records, clarinet blasts and sweat.

The Square Root of Evil (Vancouver) plays hyper 8-bit breakcore that’ll make your head spin.

Pack Animal (Vancouver) is a collaboration between members of Ahna and Holzkopf. the thrash of old school digital hardcore meets searing psychadelic noise. just to point out that cuts on a ghetto blaster can be used as a weapon.

Doctor Dad’s Sound Lab (Vancouver) is neo-new age. Tangerine Dream-esque soundscapes. Clear your head. Forget your troubles.

Dj’s Davidsmind and Brad Winter will be playing mutated dance hits all night, so put on yer dance related footwear.

$5-10 sliding scale for ya high rollers and you poor bums
at the Zoo Zhop (223 Main), Vancouver.

We won’t be serving, so it’s BYOB and please, no smoking.

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