Hello. my name is Jen. i am the square root of evil. The square root of evil is not any more evil than you are, btw. I make music on my computer. sometimes i use controllers too. Now that i have my midi cable to sync things up you may even see my gameboy. my music has been described as quirky, breakcore, 8 bit, glitch, and more. i just like to make semi-fast songs with dumb melodies. hopefully you will enjoy them. either way, feel free to contact me via

March 29, 2006 - show coming up!

I have THREE shows in April! WTF? I am very excited about all of them, but it’s certainly keeping me busy….But for now, I want everyone to know that I am playing at SOMA on April 7th as part of Open/Inputs, my set will be a half hour long and I haven’t yet decided whether to mellow out (since most of the other acts are) or to screw it and make people’s ears hurt. Well, not hurt- but you know what I’m trying to say.

soma flyer

Then on April 22nd I am the first person to play as part of the Deepen Soundsaround Series. I am very stoked for this show- details to come soon. 🙂 Wooooooooooooooo!

March 3, 2006 - back on the west coast yo

had a great time in the uk and spain. drank a lot. a lot. and i don’t get hangovers, so one day my liver will just shrivel up. oh well. all of my shows went very well, unfortunately easyjet lost one of my bags so i didn’t have any cds to sell (or clean pants to wear for that matter) after leaving scotland so i apologize once again to those who asked for them. if you email me, i can send one out in the mail for sure!

the show in london was WAY more full than i expected, i was on at like 9:15, but i guess a saturday night is a saturday night so it was a pretty full place. rad. heard some cheers at the end and that made me smile. the guys who put on the night have asked for a track for a comp they want to make, so that’s cool. glasgow was great, played with a ton of friends up there- including my buddy who is a gameboy lsdj master, it was ace. and a fun city to boot. and then the bristol gig was wicked, Rude NHS and Loz Kolesko are super rad and the music they make is damn awesome. i had so much fun, and the city of bristol was indeed as cool as i had been told it was. so yeah, i enjoyed that trip a lot.

now i am home and pretty groggy, but i have lots of work to do- my ep, and hopefully a remix for Gusset (who i met in bristol) if i have the time. i hope so.


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